WordPress Design Trends

What’s hot for 2017 in WordPress design?  Scouring through the web it isn’t hard to see some commonality among WordPress sites.  While all striving for uniqueness, they tend to share these traits:

One Page Website

As we saw in 2016, more and more companies are opting for a one-page website design.  They’re easy to build, easy to maintain and offer the user a great mobile experience. The one-page design is especially prevalent for lead generation and/or email list building.  Users learn as they scroll down the page and are often presented with a call to action enabling site owners to capture lead information necessary for moving visitors down the sales funnel.

Responsive Design

It goes without saying your website needs to be responsive.  This means it can be viewed on any device, mobile, desktop and tablet.  Make sure you’re selecting a theme that is responsive.


We all love a good image, right?  Sites are continuing to use large full-color images to convey the message and create an impact for users.  Parallax is another trend that isn’t going anywhere.


Typography enhancements are enabling sites to become more unique.  Plugins that enable Google Fonts or Adobe’s Typekit fonts are easy to implement.

Drag and Drop Page Building

More WordPress developers/designers are using drag and drop plugins to make their work, well, less work.  There are many of these time-saving tools available.  One of my favorites is Page Builder by SiteOrigin.  Adding rows or sections to a layout is simple and you can quickly insert widgets (image, text, gallery, etc.) to handle the content.   (Be sure and checkout SiteOrigin’s CSS plugin – it’s amazing!)

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