Keeping your site updated is critical for continued security, stability

and success in reaching your business goals.

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Your website is where people land when they find you on Google.  It's where they land when they find you on social and when you send them an email.  It's the base station.
Don't toy around with this critical piece of your marketing mix.

Core & Plugin Updates

New Features
Improved Performance
Keep your plugins in sync with WordPress

Regular Backups

Prevent loss due to
DDOS attacks
Server Failures

Optimization & Security Monitoring

User Experience is Enhanced with Reduced Overhead
Real-time security checks for no downtime

While you're running your business... doing what you do best, I will provide peace of mind with full back-end management.  

I'll check your site for updates every week and make sure your WordPress installation is updated and plugins are current.  Along with this I routinely optimize your site by removing spam and other non-essential archive revisions.

Also included, at no additional charge, is the installation and configuration of security and anti-spam plugins.  Along with the inherent security that comes with WordPress, these add-ons will further protect your site from vulnerabilities.

KDM Works with Agencies

I can help your agency deliver results. If you need a temporary "freelancer" or a long-time partner I have the expertise you're looking for.