Just a Quick Note

My name is Lynne Keener and I am a marketer.

I am lucky to enjoy what I do.  I have always loved finding and developing new ways to reach the market, to create new business.  Since graduating from the University of South Florida with a degree in Business/Marketing, I have worked for both manufacturing companies and  service companies helping them develop strategies to achieve their marketing and sales goals.

In the mid-90’s, I was running my own business Keener Information Design Group designing logos and brochures.  Then one day something exciting arrived in the mail - ♫ You've got mail! ♫ It was an AOL disk.  That's when I decided to jump into website design (brochures on the web) and taught myself HTML.   I got my first paying client 60 days later and built up a nice business doing website design and hosting.

I jumped back into corporate with Hydrogen Media (now Bayshore Solutions, which I highly recommend) developing site solutions and have had the opportunity to work with various other companies developing marketing strategies to grow their business through digital marketing.

Today I am proud to say I'm back in my home-office,  — in my pink fuzzy slippers (yea!) — designing and managing websites, optimizing for search and developing inbound marketing strategies for small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Atlanta area.

It has been a wonderful ride so far and I’m anxious to see what’ s around the next corner.