Too busy to blog? Try social sharing.

Social Media ReachIf you have to look up your login username and password to post to your blog, you’re not blogging often enough!  That happens to me from time to time.

Get in the habit of posting once a week.  I have no doubt that there is news to share for your business, industry, interest.  It’s so easy to fall into a writing rut but when that happens, share something.  Where do I find something to share?

Well put on your customers shoes, as it were, and go where they might go.  Are your customers teenagers?  Go to the mall.  Not in your car, silly.  Online.  Go find sites that cater to teenagers and share some interesting news.  Girls, age 14-18?  How about Seventeen?  Or Google “Teen Trends” — you’ll find hundreds of sites with stuff to share.

Are you in the business of selling window blinds?  No problem, head over to and share some decorating tips.  Afterall, if they’re replacing blinds I bet they’re painting and looking for inspiration.

My goto source is often Mashable.  They have blogs in several interest areas including:

  • Social Media
  • Tech
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • World
  • Lifestyle
  • Watercooler

And each of these breakdown even further.  The content is endless.

Share something today and add a few of your own thoughts and comments.  It’s just the social thing to do!


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