3 Helpful Facebook How-tos — “Oh, that’s how you do it!”

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Ahhh, Facebook…There are so many nuances with using Facebook and they change almost weekly.  Don’t you just wish there was an 800-number you could call sometimes?!  And digging through the FAQs and Help sections can get tedious.  Well I’m here to help.  Here are 3 Helpful Facebook How-tos that will make your social media life more enjoyable…or less annoying perhaps.

#1Controlling What You See in News Feed

You can adjust what you see in your News Feed by using see first; following or unfollowing people, Pages or groups; or liking Pages. Other things that affect News Feed: hiding stories, using friend lists, and changing how stories are posted on News Feed.

News Feed Preferences

Your News Feed preferences help you control what you see on your News Feed.

To view your News Feed preferences:

  1. Click in the top-right corner of any Facebook page (ex: your home page)
  2. Select News Feed Preferences

To adjust your News Feed preferences:

  • Click Prioritize who to see first to make posts from people or Pages appear at the top of your News Feed. Learn about see first.
  • Click Unfollow people to hide their posts to unfollow a person, Page or group. Learn about unfollowing
  • Click Reconnect with people you unfollowed to follow a person, Page or group that you unfollowed in the past. Learn about reconnecting.

Learn how to switch from top stories to most recent stories on your News Feed.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/help/335291769884272/

#2How do I manage my notifications for On This Day?

You can turn on notifications to see when you have memories to look back on.

To turn on notifications:

  1. Go to facebook.com/onthisday
  2. Click Notifications and select All Memories

To turn off notifications:

  1. Go to facebook.com/onthisday
  2. Click Notifications and select Off

Source: https://www.facebook.com/help/840538319346804/

#3How do I review tags that people add to my posts before they appear?

Tag review is an option that lets you approve or dismiss tags that people add to your posts. When you turn it on, any time someone tags something you posted, that tag won’t appear until you approve it.

To turn on tag review:

  1. Click at the top right of any Facebook page and select Settings
  2. In the left column, click Timeline and Tagging
  3. Look for the setting Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook? and click Edit to the far right
  4. Select Enabled from the dropdown menu

When tag review is enabled, you’ll get a notification when you have a post to review. You can approve or ignore the tag request by going to the post.

Note: When you approve a tag, the person tagged and their friends may see your post. If you don’t want your post to be visible to the friends of the person tagged, you can adjust this setting.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/help/247746261926036/

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Blogging University – Target Audience

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A recent assignment from Blogging 101 (WordPress Blogging University) was to “Identify Your Audience”…this is right up my alley.  After all, this is the central concept in all things marketing — find your audience, cater to your audience.  Keener Digital Marketing is client-centered in all that we do.  Writing in this blog, is no exception.

My goal, in writing these posts is to inform, educate and sometimes, hopefully, entertain my clients and people who I want for clients.  I am also talking to the community out there that will very likely never be my client.  I am happy to share what I find and hopefully help someone with what they’re doing for their own business or at least brighten their day.

So who is my audience?  Well, from where I’m sitting, my audience is a person working in a small to medium sized business trying to learn more about digital marketing.  So as I focus this blog post for that reader, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite goto places for learning in the ever-changing field of digital marketing.

A few of my favorite digital marketers:

A few of my favorite sites to learn about digital marketing:

Have fun surfing and add your favorite sites in the comments below.  Thanks.

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Blogging University – Reading and Connecting

July 13, 2015 | Posted in Blogging, Content, Marketing, Wordpress | By

wordpress-reader-smI’m enjoying my Blogging University class but am finding it a bit tricky to ‘make time’ for homework!

Late last week, we were instructed to add some blogs to our Readers. A Reader is the tool at WordPress.com that, well, lets you read your favorite blogs. You can find and read popular blogs, blogs by category or search for something in particular. It’s a great way to organize your ‘library’ and you can even add blogs not hosted at WordPress.com. So that’s nice.

I went to our private discussion-blog (for our BU class) and found some interesting blogs to follow.  It’ll be fun to learn together and see how their blogs develop.  Reading other peoples’ blogs will also give me inspiration and is a great way to get connected with the community.  After all, blogging isn’t just about writing, it’s about communicating and that’s always a two-way street.

Michelle W., one of Blogging University’s instructors has a post about Blogging Communities.  Check it out.  And if you’re looking for a particular niche, do a quick search in Google; you’ll find it!  Search “nutrition blog” — you’ll find the Nutrition Blog Network.  Search “candy blog” and you’ll find a long list of blogs that are about, um, candy!  Try it, but make sure you have time on your hands, it’s a tangled web out there!  Happy Reading, Happy Blogging!

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Insights: New from WordPress

June 2, 2015 | Posted in Analytics, Website Design | By

Newspaper-wordpressJune 1, 2015. WordPress has introduced a new view of your stats.

“Insights give you instant access to your all-time numbers, including posts, views, and visitors. Dig deeper into your stats to make the most of your site.

Have you ever wondered what times of day or days of the week you have the most visitors? Insights has you covered!”

Blogger Jonathan Sadowski gives the skinny here.

PS – This is for wordpress.com sites but you can see the same insights if you install Jetpack.

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Hubspot on Facebook – 41 Social Media Resources

March 20, 2015 | Posted in Marketing, Social Media | By

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Digital Marketing – Instagram

February 19, 2015 | Posted in Instagram, Social Media | By

Instagram For Business7 Ways The Most Popular Brands are Rocking Instagram

When it comes to engagement, Instagram is far superior to any other social network. According to a recent study by Forester of how users interact with brands’ social media posts, Instagram’s engagement rate is 4.21% – far outpacing the other guys.  Read more at Rebel Mouse Blog.

Instagram Growth: How to Build a Community on Instagram

In this podcast from Social Media Examiner, you’ll discover what marketers should know about Instagram, including the best photos to capture and the importance of comments, hashtags and direct messages.

4 Instagram Tools for Scheduling Instagram Updates

Instagram was designed primarily as a mobile tool, so that’s where most interactions take place. Instagram wants users to capture events as they happen. While real-time posting is the best-case scenario, it doesn’t work for everyone at all times.  This post from Social Media Examiner looks at 4 Instagram Tools you may want to consider.

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Learning About SEO – Search Engine Optimization

November 17, 2014 | Posted in Search Engine, SEO, Social Media | By

If you’re one of those people who like to understand what’s going on “under the hood” then you probably want to know more about what makes SEO work.  What are the things you should consider before, during and after launching your website.

There are tons of sources on the web today – just do a search on “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization” using Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  You’ll find millions of results.  From my way of looking at it, the companies that appear on the first page probably know a thing or two about the business; after-all they got their business on the first page, right?

Having said that, here are a few that I like:






All on the first page!



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Introducing Promoted Video on Twitter

August 20, 2014 | Posted in Social Media, Twitter | By

Recently seen on Twitter’s blog:

2014-08-20-blogFinal_TonyHawk_noPro_2“Earlier this year, we began testing a new Twitter Video Card that streamlines video playback and brings a one-tap viewing experience in our users’ timelines. These tests have shown that Tweets containing native Twitter video generate better engagement and more video views than before.

After months of experiments and feedback from users and brands, we’re excited to announce a beta test of Promoted Video on Twitter!

Promoted Video builds upon the Twitter Amplify program, and brings a new set of video tools to high-quality content producers. By using Promoted Video, it’s easy for brands to upload and distribute video on Twitter, and to measure the reach and effectiveness of this content.”

Read more.


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You’ll Love this Blog because it will Make your Job Easier!

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I’m practicing writing better blog headlines.  How did I do on this one?  Did I draw you in?  Or did you just accidentally stumbleupon it somewhere?!

Well, I was doing some research recently and found this great how-to guide on headlines.  I never really knew there could possibly be a science to all this but, well, I was just being naive.  There is a science to almost everything I suppose.

Emotional blog headlines mean more shares.Check out CoSchedule’s “Emotional Headlines Get Shared More on Social Media [Conclusive Proof]“.  They analyzed their database of headlines and found that the emotional value of a headline has a direct correlation to the number of shares.  The higher the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV), the more shares.  

How do they measure it?

The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer  is a tool based on the research that is made freely available by the Advanced Marketing Institute. Using it can easily provide you with such a score.  (I think this is cool.)

I entered this blog’s headline “You’ll Love this Blog because it will Make your Job Easier!” and it got 36.36%; below the score was this narrative:

This score indicates that your headline has a total of 36.36% Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Words. To put that in perspective, the English language contains approximately 20% EMV words.

And for comparison, most professional copywriters’ headlines will have 30%-40% EMV Words in their headlines, while the most gifted copywriters will have 50%-75% EMV words in headlines.

So I guess that’s pretty good…  for a professional who is only part-time gifted!

I’ll keep practicing!  The analysis goes on to tell me:

“While the overall EMV score for your headline is 36.36%, your headline also has the following predominant emotion classification:


Your headline carries words that predominantly appeal to most people’s intellectual sphere. Intellectual impact words are especially effective when your goal is to arouse curiosity, and when offering products and services that require reasoning or careful evaluation. The majority of words with emotional impact in the English language fall in this Intellectual category. Intellectual impact words are the most-used of all three categories, and have the broadest appeal to people in general.Intellectual impact words are best used to attune copy and sales messages aimed at people and businesses involved in the fields of education, law, medicine, research, politics, and similar fields. While not restricted to these groups, by giving presentations which are weighted with Intellectual impact words, your clients and customers will be more positively influenced and you are more likely to attain a more favorable response.


You can see, again on the CoSchedule full article that there are three main emotions:



I’d say I achieved my goal — I’d like you to consider my services and give some intellectual thought to my offerings.

CoSchedule goes on to tell us that uplifting and happy headlines are the way to go.  Giving UpWorthy and Buzzfeed as example blogs that are “known for using overly-sensational (emotional) headlines to gain a huge number of shares and virility.  Sites like this are constantly appealing to our  intellectual, empathetic, and spiritual senses, emotionally persuading us to click and share.”

Check out this article from CoSchedule and happy headlining!




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The Perfect Facebook Post

August 9, 2014 | Posted in Facebook, Social Media | By

There really is no such thing as the perfect post on Facebook. However, as Kara Burney points out on TrackMaven, if you align your goals with the findings presented here, you’ll be on the right track.




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