Social Media Manager School

I think I’ve mentioned before, I am a life-long student — and thrive on learning new things.   So here’s to another learning adventure complete!

I finally finished my studies at Andrea Vahl (aka Grandma Mary) and Phylis Khare’s Social Media Manager School.  I won’t mention how long ago I enrolled, but this self-paced online school for all things social media has been a great learning experience.  It took a bit of time…I stretched out the lessons so I could absorb them completely and practice the ideas — oh, and life and business (greatful for this!) got in the way too!

So herBadge200e it is…my official Certificate of Completion.  If you aren’t following Andrea and Phyliss on Facebook and Twitter, start today.  They are always offering great advice and how-tos in the social arena.

Andrea on FB:

Phyllis on FB:



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