Create ContentI write content.  I know it’s tough sometimes coming up with “what to say”.  I understand your thinking that “there isn’t anything new to say”.  I can help.

After sitting down with you to consider your goals, I will create engaging content that reflects your company’s culture and promotes your product or service.  And I’ll create and share new content every week.

We’ll look at your current customers as well as those you are trying to attract.  Using a casual or formal tone of voice (depending on your audience) we can develop content that helps engage your audience to create brand awareness and enhance site traffic.


  1. : having or showing an ability to think clearly and to understand what is not obvious or simple about something
  2. : very excited about and interested in something


Content comes in all shapes and sizes:

  • Twitter Posts – 140 characters
  • Facebook Status Updates – An image and a short paragraph
  • LinkedIn Updates – A quick note with maybe a link to an interesting article
  • Blog Entries – From a quick sentence and link to article length
  • Videos – “How-to”, “About Us” and “Check this Out”
  • White Papers – Longer, typically research based articles and instructional writings
  • Press Releases – Three paragraphs about newsworthy items
  • Podcasts – Lunch and Learn
  • Comments – Feedback on someone else’s blog; a quick note or lengthy opinion

Content takes on all of these forms (and more) but have one important thing in common.  It is written to engage.


Content is written to engage.


Whether you own a small beauty shop or run a multi-million dollar business, you customers are out there looking for information, entertainment and/or the communities perception of your business.  Your content will provide this information, these lessons and the enjoyment.  The goal is to engage the reader (or listener, or viewer) to read, click, and explore more about you, your project or your company.


Content helps in search engine rankings.


Social ConnectionsWhen your content is engaging, people share it.  When people share it, more people share it.  You can see where this goes — the larger your audience, the more influence you have on the web.  People are listening to you and hopefully they are creating links to your great content.  The more inbound links the higher you’ll rank in search engine results.  But that’s just the beginning.

When it comes to search engines, algorithms still determine your placement in search results (SERP – Search Engine Results Page).  One of the factors in that algorithm is Page Rank — you can check yours here.  Page Rank is determined by many factors including links to your site, quality of your site, frequency of updates and more.

Bottom line, your content needs to be fresh, applicable to your audience and keyword rich.  Spend your time thinking about business goals not SEO goals.   (See Erin Everhart’s article about prioritizing for SEO.)  Content should be real and this will add to your audience and your search results.  It’s another piece of the digital marketing puzzle.