3 Facebook News Feed Changes: What Marketers Need To Know

I love to get Mari Smith’s email on Fridays!  It’s always full of great tips and information.  This week she shared 3 Facebook News Feed Changes: What Marketers Need to Know.

Are you a marketer?  You are if you own your own business.  You are if you manage marketing for your boss.  You are if you want to brand yourself because you write a blog.  Are you trying to raise funds for your school or church?  If you are, you’re a marketer.  I could go on, but you get the point.

Let’s face it, (excuse the pun), Facebook is growing exponentially each month and is the goto place for businesses in the social media world.  So keeping up with it’s ever-changing algorithms can be a challenge.  That’s where Mari comes in for me.  She studies Facebook and keeps up with changes.

3 Facebook news feed changes - Mari Smith

Here’s what she writes:

Three more Facebook changes to get our arms around this week! Facebook is constantly fine-tuning the super-complex algorithm that determines the highly customized and personalized mix of content displayed in News Feeds. Each of the 1.44 Billion users sees a unique version of News Feed — it’s mind-boggling, right?

The latest News Feed tweaks may also have an impact on business pages.

In short, the three changes are:

  1. Users should start to see more posts in News Feed from friends that they might’ve been missing before.
  2. Stories about friends liking or commenting on posts will have lower priority, appearing lower down in News Feed or not at all.
  3. Facebook is relaxing the rule around seeing multiple posts from the same source in a row (for users that reach the end of their News Feed, they won’t run out of content now).

Read her full post here.

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